Wealth Management & Investment

Irrespective of your profile, our portfolio managers help you identify the most appropriate levers in line with your desired growth, values and aspirations.

Through our spectrum of services, ranging from financial planning to portfolio management, we help you plan, invest, borrow and bank for what’s next.

We favour an open architecture approach that gives you the option to access structured products like global custody services, execution capabilities, leading private equity groups and exclusive deals that can all be tailored to your investment strategy.

  • Financial Planning

    Our financial planners work with a broad network of external experts as we believe having the big picture is central to wealth creation. We accompany you along your financial journey and help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

    Our experts’ analysis culminates in a comprehensive overview of your wealth situation, that of your family and of your business. We also make it a point to review your situation at regular intervals to ensure that you are on track to meet your objectives.

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management

    Let us design and manage your portfolio to encompass your risk profile and investment objectives. We offer continuous monitoring and are constantly researching emerging investment opportunities and hedging options to optimise your returns This service gives you the option of engaging with our team of experienced portfolio managers so you can benefit from their knowledge of a wide range of investment products.

    You can also monitor your investment via regular bespoke reporting and enjoy the freedom of accessing your portfolio at any time on our integrated IT platform.

  • Non-Discretionary Investment Management

    Our Non-Discretionary Investment Management Service is designed for those who would rather take their own investment decisions. This service comes with the added benefit of a dedicated investment advisor on call for support and advice, whenever needed.

    Based on your risk profile, your advisor will recommend investments that suit your needs and objectives while steering you towards the best performing funds, ETFs, direct equities, bonds and commodities, all carefully selected to help you build your portfolio.

  • Execution Desk

    What’s ours is yours. Make the most of MCB Private Banking & Wealth Management’s global network and open architecture while enjoying access to the world's leading financial markets.

    Our execution desk is where you will find a wide spectrum of equity, debt, mutual funds, structured products and commodities trading services. Our custody services include the settlement, safekeeping and administration of securities and assets. We also provide corporate action processing, tax operational services and mutual funds rebates collection.

Specialised Financing

MCB Private Banking & Wealth Management offers an extensive range of credit solutions for short term or longer-term liquidity, new acquisitions or investment opportunities. Your banker will help you customise these options according to your needs.

  • Personal loan (asset backed credit)

    Asset-backed credit opens up a wealth of opportunities. Talk to us about your credit options and we’ll tell you about the many areas covered by our expertise and how we can help you secure these all-important transactions.

  • High end residential mortgage

    Our home loan can be as multifaceted as the possibilities you’d like for your house. Much more than a mortgage, our flexible housing loan allows you to fit your repayments with the exigencies of your lifestyle.

    You may manage your repayment with holiday periods, top-up facilities, laddered repayments and repayment schedule adjustments.

  • Lombard loans

    You don’t have to let go of your liquid assets to gain financial flexibility. Our customised Lombard-lending solution allows you to pledge stocks, bonds or select life insurance policies in exchange for a Lombard loan.

  • MCB Leasing

    MCB Leasing, a member of MCB Group, is undoubtedly your answer if you’re thinking of extending your fleet, buying a boat or looking for an upgrade on your car. We provide practical and valuable financial solutions with attractive interest rates and flexible repayment terms for a wide selection of assets.

Your everyday needs

Being a member of MCB Private Banking & Wealth Management means that your banking needs will always be our priority, wherever you are in the world and whenever you need us. M offers daily support through a comprehensive range of accounts, exclusive credit cards, online banking as well as a concierge service designed to seamlessly integrate with your life.

  • Current, savings & fixed deposit accounts in local and foreign currencies

    Whatever your choice of account is, rest assured that they have been designed to make banking as efficient and as seamless as it’s ever going to be, while offering convenience, flexibility, security and growth opportunities.

    We offer current and fixed deposit accounts in MUR and in major currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, ZAR & AUD as well as Savings & fixed deposit in MUR. Take your pick.

  • Debit, prepaid and exclusive premium credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Union Pay)

    Make the most of your membership to MCB Private Banking & Wealth Management and enjoy exclusive premium credit cards that are accepted worldwide, including American Express®, Visa Signature, MasterCard and Visa Gold.

  • Online Banking

    Bank anywhere with MCB Group’s range of highly effective online tools and application. Access your accounts, initiate transfers and payment instructions on Internet Banking, watch your investments grow, connect with your money, from anywhere in the world. You can also manage your money on the go with Juice, our mobile banking application. Alternatively, speak to your banker, who will be more than happy to assist, regardless of your whereabouts.

  • My Conciergerie

    Enjoy your very own concierge service with My Conciergerie, a service tailored to your lifestyle. It will seamlessly integrate into your life by assisting you with the finer details. This bespoke service provides you with assistance and information, and is available 24 hours a day.


We hope that you have found a reflection of your own aspirations in M. We would be delighted to meet you and offer our guidance so you can take your plans to new horizons.

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